Lets stay motivated!!!! Bored nothing to do. I decided to take the all this free time apply it wisely. No better time than now, to get all those things you never had time to do. Number one taking time to improve my overall fitness and health. What better time to start new diet with no interference from having the variables of the job,how adapt it to your work schedule. Get those things done around the house, that list of things that you never have enough time to do it. Taking time to catch up with friends and family that you don’t talk to regularly. Tired eating the same meals? Pull out that cookbook that you got for Christmas, browsed thru once, never made a damn thing from it. Like to drink? Up your game try some cocktail recipes or discover some new beers/wines. Try a new hobby. I personally like art journal but never have time to setup, paint, pencils, etc. Take up drawing, sketching, scrap booking. Read a book or learn how play different card games.(spades, poker, hold em, bridge, etc.) Walk the dog or teach it new tricks, find out if it’s true that you can’t teach an dog new tricks. Love music; work on making some new playlist or discovering new music. Clean out your email inbox.

Check your 401k see status of your hard work, what you can do to improve your earnings. Ever wanted to diverse your money, do some research about investing. Haven’t heard of any leniency about renting, other than Governor of NJ(my state) asking landlords to be sympathetic for current situation. Mortgage companies offering forbearance. Call your mortgage company find out your options. Have a student loan? Right now federal student loans due to COV-19 is offering forbearance as well, addition to interest free payments. This means all the funds paid will apply directly to the principle of the loan. If possible take advantage of it, pay little more than required amount. These are just few ideas that I thought of. The key is develop a routine to help keep you sane. Talking about maintaining your mental health. Have any more tips or ideas feel free to drop a line.



The Me By A Lot

Throw back from when I moved back in October 2017 when going thru some major life changes. Stay inspired stay true.

They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, this maybe true. Technically you can’t. They forgot to mention you sure as hell can improve upon the design, like putting spinners on Escalade. There’s no denying spinners has you intrigued and catches your attention.

I took a break from The Average to do just that. Reinvent. Discover. Had some life changing events decided it was time to do things my way. Gave my self a deadline, saved some money, decided I will pursue my career and ambitions. Signed a lease. With only few interviews lined up, stockpile a cash, oh and bunch goals relocated to another state. Knew no one, no family or friends.

Best decession I ever made. I was hired at a company only couple days after I moved, that matched perfectly with my career. Along the path I’ve had people throw the past at me, but that comes with the territory. It hasn’t been easy, definitely had its challenges. You may not be able to change the past but you certainly are in charge of your future!

My Life

After busy summer of working  to 60 to 70 hour weeks, relaxing at every opportunity during the weekend and not working out consistently as I wanted; fully pledge to myself to return back to my roots. Anyone who tries to stay fit knows the constant nuisance of trying make it to gym, still have time to complete other daily task in life. Making vows to quit bad habits to improve quality of health such smoking, drinking, getting wrapped up in any social media platform (fb, instantgram, youtube, etc.) or just pure procrastination.  Four days in of working out not falling back into trap of habits, missed one day due to meetings and work. Before that was feeling super motivated, being sore, feeling good about my body, eating when I should, left me feeling more focused and ready to kill it at work. During that day missed, was due to work meeting that was a waste time, left me pissed off, then add to it the bullshit from work, feeling stressed out and frustrated while working. Just wanting to be done with my shift. Deciding needed to calm down, I got some hookah. From there my workouts got reduced to every other day and shortened, exercising but not getting that pump, soreness aka that feeling. Fast forward to the weekend, having to wake up early for work run a couple calls, I was slightly upset for agreeing to work the overtime, but wanted the money. My calls where further apart then what should a been, planning to be home certain time I was operating on only 4 hours sleep. I said fuck it, just needed to relax, get laundry done, scarping my plan to hit the gym after work, just go home get my task done, pick up a six pack and chill out. Ordered fat ass cheese-steak just chilled out rest of of the night. Feeling slightly guilty looking at my body few dozen times in mirror telling myself I’ll be alright and hit it Sunday. 

Coming to realize the fact I’m  not 21, the same things I used to do aren’t working. Small steps that seemed more reasonable was better approach. Acknowledging the fact I went to gym at least five times, that three those were really good sessions. When I didn’t want to go I went, even managing to have effective workout with reduce amount of time available, manage my time well which used to be issue of my mine in the past, planning to for 45 mins then it turning into two hours. Not “relaxing” during the week or staying up late watching Netflix, taking my ass to bed on time to be able execute what I consider my vision for the day. Only ordering out twice during the week only one of them was unhealthy. Choosing to have cup of coffee for pre-workout rather than an actual pre-work out. Taking the time to write this article get back on mission to continue with making AVYM a physical thing not just a good thought. Doing things to make myself feel less stressed, dieting which for me is a BITCH even though everyone thinks I have perfect diet.  Being more conscientious of my diet. Working a job, having a relationship all while trying have balance. This is the journal of a path of  real amateur bodybuilder, not someone shirtless on Youtube who doesn’t have to work. Motivation is bullshit, its discipline and determination what really keeps someone going. Hard-work: to do shit that I don’t want to do, to keep being successful. 



Throw back from 2016, around time when DC had it’s Forever Evil Series

Everyone has their own idea on what success means to them. As I get older approaching 30 in two years, I realize there are goals that I’ve made but still have yet to achieve. Some may seem far fetched others more realistic. My interpretation of success is that you are defined by your actions that leave a positive impact on your life or the life of others. This is the ideology behind The Average You & Me.

I came across this panel while reading DC’s “Forever Evil” 7 part series where the Crime Syndicate comes from a dimension in which the superheroes are complete opposites of the ones that we know and love.

I Found this to be a powerful message. 

drake successful

Make Mondays Great Again

It’s Monday morning were rushing to get ready to hoping there’s enough time to get ready without rushing too much. Does this sound like you in the morning? Is there is way to make mornings more enjoyable, less miserable? I think so. Layout, whatever you need for the morning. Prepping makes your morning routine smoother and keeps things in order. Who wouldn’t want one less than thing to forget. Stop making coffee, buy a coffee maker with automatic timer. Whats better than waking up to the aroma of your favorite up of joe.

Photo by Gabriela Guerino on Pexels.com

Money Matters Part 2

Management of your funds. We all have our banking app that allows us to monitor our account activities, check balances and etc. Is that enough? With all that at stroke of key how is possible that we still overdraft? The answer is no, its not enough. Technology is great but still hasn’t quite caught up yet.  If your like the average Joe or Jane every dollar counts so let’s make the most out it.

Pay attention to your account. If you make purchases over the weekend they will usually say pending won’t clear till Monday. Most banking institutions will reorder your purchases, not in the order that you paid. This is big cause for overdrafts has been debated about for long time still trying change the rules on that. Gas, unless you pay debit usually takes at least couple days for the funds to debited out of the account, so until it does it’ll only charge you a dollar. Rather than wait I prefer to pay with cash and sometimes its cheaper. Bills: car insurance,car payments,credit card  and etc. do not reflect right away either. Take the time go online setup online bill pay through your banking institution. Atms are dangerous. The convenience fee you pay for not using your banks atm adds up and even if it’s no fee atm, your bank will still charge you. All those little fees start to add up, avoid it, try go your bank budget how much cash you need for the week.

How to truly be in control your account. Have a checkbook, blow the dust off and pull it out. If your totally about online, go your bank ask for register they’ll give you one for free. Remember checking your balance online doesn’t always reflect your purchases, not giving you the real balance! By following some of these tips will make you more aware and financially secure .




Money management is very important, in addition to that so is having credit. This week I’ll be giving important tips to keep more money in your pocket. After recently inquiring about my savings account my banker was nice enough to sit down educate me on lessons of finances. They say you should have enough saved to cover your expenses for three months. Rent,car, payments,etc. Let’s start with managing the money you already have.

With tax returns coming soon, put money aside & setup savings account. Check with your bank about the minimum deposit to initially get started. I know for me it was a minimum of $50. Most offer some type of round up option, where they round up to next dollar of your purchases and deposit that into your savings.($2.92 then 8 cents would go in) If your tempted to borrow easily there plenty of online savings apps. Don’t expect to earn a lot interest, those days of getting 5-7 percent are looong gone.

The first mistake I made when doing this was being over zealous putting away too much only to borrow from it in couple weeks, completely defeating the purpose. After reevaluating with trial and error I finally found the perfect amount, enough not to hurt my budget but significant to see results. Make a goal.

“We are the average, We are the majority”

The Don’t Doer

Excuses sound best to those who make them. On a recent trip to GNC purchase protein had very interesting conversation with a clerk. When informing him I was looking for protein picked my usual choice MHP Up Your Mass. He reminded me it’s defiantly just more than protein its mass gainer. I chuckled explained  just adding it to the diet for when I’m out & about running errands,rather than consume McDonalds. He inquired about my success with it, went on tell him I’ve been using it for years whenever I wanted to bulk. He also explained to me he was trying put on weight, pointed at at big  5 gallon bucket of protein. I asked how many calories does add to his diet, the response was he’s too busy to do all that.

As all this was happening couldn’t help but think that bucket is cheap for  gallons of protein the quality of it must be crappy. Here’s person with a goal to increase size but going about it terrible manner. The excuse was he’s too busy! When people ask me how get bigger, I tell them its same as losing weight, you must diet! Diet just doesn’t mean watching what you eat, means keeping track of how many calories your consuming. Back in day used marble book, look at every label write down calories then multiple servings. Pain in the ass! Fortunately with technology easier to do now, I use my cell phone, for Android users I prefer Samsung health app. It’s simple to use, really the best one I have used from other apps. What makes it easy the fact I just type in the foods that I routinely eat, save it as a favorite, just tap and done.

Are you a doer or a donter. When it comes to achieving whatever fitness goal you have for yourself, I’m going inform you of my 3D rule. If you follow this hopefully it’ll help you in your path of success.

BE 3-D


Most of everyone has this, motivated, ready make changes to achieve goals.


Beyond consuming healthy calorie count find an app that works for you. Keep it simple: Cals,Carbs,Fat,Protein.


Make a routine for yourself . Meal prep so you have no excuse to break your diet and keep falling off the wagon. ~This is most important.

Quarantine Workout

As of recently here in United States more specifically New Jersey we went into lock down March 18,2020. Everyone knew it was coming went from advising to full statue of law. Due to my career: HVAC really not possible to work from home. Still working maybe average of 20 hours a week, me and some people now have mass amount of free time on the hands. I had enough of hearing all the press news,  tic tok videos covering or related to COV-19. Growing bored of drinking and watching Netflix. All this took me two days to want refrain from it.

Being a bodybuilder with no gym to go to is heart breaking. Not having any weights or workout equipment, due to space available in apartment proved to be a challenge. The only thing I could get my hand on were resistance flat and regular bands. Thought about bulking up but realistically it would take a lot of food, due to limits on meats, it wouldn’t be good idea.

New plan, get toned up for the summer. Taking full advantage of having time, weighing in every morning and tracking my diet. Started actually running a mile every other day. Followed this up with some body workouts. I incorporated the bands being skeptical of it , I had an epiphany, these bands will be the greatest thing I can do. Bands proved to help with keeping strict form. Being able to concentrate of each contraction of the muscles while keeping fluid form through entire rep. Dial in, find ways to overcome and adapt the obstacles that you face with this current epidemic.