Quarantine Workout

As of recently here in United States more specifically New Jersey we went into lock down March 18,2020. Everyone knew it was coming went from advising to full statue of law. Due to my career: HVAC really not possible to work from home. Still working maybe average of 20 hours a week, me and some people now have mass amount of free time on the hands. I had enough of hearing all the press news,  tic tok videos covering or related to COV-19. Growing bored of drinking and watching Netflix. All this took me two days to want refrain from it.

Being a bodybuilder with no gym to go to is heart breaking. Not having any weights or workout equipment, due to space available in apartment proved to be a challenge. The only thing I could get my hand on were resistance flat and regular bands. Thought about bulking up but realistically it would take a lot of food, due to limits on meats, it wouldn’t be good idea.

New plan, get toned up for the summer. Taking full advantage of having time, weighing in every morning and tracking my diet. Started actually running a mile every other day. Followed this up with some body workouts. I incorporated the bands being skeptical of it , I had an epiphany, these bands will be the greatest thing I can do. Bands proved to help with keeping strict form. Being able to concentrate of each contraction of the muscles while keeping fluid form through entire rep. Dial in, find ways to overcome and adapt the obstacles that you face with this current epidemic.

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