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My Life

After busy summer of working  to 60 to 70 hour weeks, relaxing at every opportunity during the weekend and not working out consistently as I wanted; fully pledge to myself to return back to my roots. Anyone who tries to stay fit knows the constant nuisance of trying make it to gym, still have timeContinue reading “My Life”


Lets stay motivated!!!! Bored nothing to do. I decided to take the all this free time apply it wisely. No better time than now, to get all those things you never had time to do. Number one taking time to improve my overall fitness and health. What better time to start new diet with noContinue reading “Motivated”

The Me By A Lot

Throw back from when I moved back in October 2017 when going thru some major life changes. Stay inspired stay true. They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, this maybe true. Technically you can’t. They forgot to mention you sure as hell can improve upon the design, like putting spinners on Escalade. There’s no denyingContinue reading “The Me By A Lot”

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