My Life

After busy summer of working  to 60 to 70 hour weeks, relaxing at every opportunity during the weekend and not working out consistently as I wanted; fully pledge to myself to return back to my roots. Anyone who tries to stay fit knows the constant nuisance of trying make it to gym, still have time to complete other daily task in life. Making vows to quit bad habits to improve quality of health such smoking, drinking, getting wrapped up in any social media platform (fb, instantgram, youtube, etc.) or just pure procrastination.  Four days in of working out not falling back into trap of habits, missed one day due to meetings and work. Before that was feeling super motivated, being sore, feeling good about my body, eating when I should, left me feeling more focused and ready to kill it at work. During that day missed, was due to work meeting that was a waste time, left me pissed off, then add to it the bullshit from work, feeling stressed out and frustrated while working. Just wanting to be done with my shift. Deciding needed to calm down, I got some hookah. From there my workouts got reduced to every other day and shortened, exercising but not getting that pump, soreness aka that feeling. Fast forward to the weekend, having to wake up early for work run a couple calls, I was slightly upset for agreeing to work the overtime, but wanted the money. My calls where further apart then what should a been, planning to be home certain time I was operating on only 4 hours sleep. I said fuck it, just needed to relax, get laundry done, scarping my plan to hit the gym after work, just go home get my task done, pick up a six pack and chill out. Ordered fat ass cheese-steak just chilled out rest of of the night. Feeling slightly guilty looking at my body few dozen times in mirror telling myself I’ll be alright and hit it Sunday. 

Coming to realize the fact I’m  not 21, the same things I used to do aren’t working. Small steps that seemed more reasonable was better approach. Acknowledging the fact I went to gym at least five times, that three those were really good sessions. When I didn’t want to go I went, even managing to have effective workout with reduce amount of time available, manage my time well which used to be issue of my mine in the past, planning to for 45 mins then it turning into two hours. Not “relaxing” during the week or staying up late watching Netflix, taking my ass to bed on time to be able execute what I consider my vision for the day. Only ordering out twice during the week only one of them was unhealthy. Choosing to have cup of coffee for pre-workout rather than an actual pre-work out. Taking the time to write this article get back on mission to continue with making AVYM a physical thing not just a good thought. Doing things to make myself feel less stressed, dieting which for me is a BITCH even though everyone thinks I have perfect diet.  Being more conscientious of my diet. Working a job, having a relationship all while trying have balance. This is the journal of a path of  real amateur bodybuilder, not someone shirtless on Youtube who doesn’t have to work. Motivation is bullshit, its discipline and determination what really keeps someone going. Hard-work: to do shit that I don’t want to do, to keep being successful. 


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