Lets stay motivated!!!! Bored nothing to do. I decided to take the all this free time apply it wisely. No better time than now, to get all those things you never had time to do. Number one taking time to improve my overall fitness and health. What better time to start new diet with no interference from having the variables of the job,how adapt it to your work schedule. Get those things done around the house, that list of things that you never have enough time to do it. Taking time to catch up with friends and family that you don’t talk to regularly. Tired eating the same meals? Pull out that cookbook that you got for Christmas, browsed thru once, never made a damn thing from it. Like to drink? Up your game try some cocktail recipes or discover some new beers/wines. Try a new hobby. I personally like art journal but never have time to setup, paint, pencils, etc. Take up drawing, sketching, scrap booking. Read a book or learn how play different card games.(spades, poker, hold em, bridge, etc.) Walk the dog or teach it new tricks, find out if it’s true that you can’t teach an dog new tricks. Love music; work on making some new playlist or discovering new music. Clean out your email inbox.

Check your 401k see status of your hard work, what you can do to improve your earnings. Ever wanted to diverse your money, do some research about investing. Haven’t heard of any leniency about renting, other than Governor of NJ(my state) asking landlords to be sympathetic for current situation. Mortgage companies offering forbearance. Call your mortgage company find out your options. Have a student loan? Right now federal student loans due to COV-19 is offering forbearance as well, addition to interest free payments. This means all the funds paid will apply directly to the principle of the loan. If possible take advantage of it, pay little more than required amount. These are just few ideas that I thought of. The key is develop a routine to help keep you sane. Talking about maintaining your mental health. Have any more tips or ideas feel free to drop a line.


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