The Me By A Lot

Throw back from when I moved back in October 2017 when going thru some major life changes. Stay inspired stay true.

They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, this maybe true. Technically you can’t. They forgot to mention you sure as hell can improve upon the design, like putting spinners on Escalade. There’s no denying spinners has you intrigued and catches your attention.

I took a break from The Average to do just that. Reinvent. Discover. Had some life changing events decided it was time to do things my way. Gave my self a deadline, saved some money, decided I will pursue my career and ambitions. Signed a lease. With only few interviews lined up, stockpile a cash, oh and bunch goals relocated to another state. Knew no one, no family or friends.

Best decession I ever made. I was hired at a company only couple days after I moved, that matched perfectly with my career. Along the path I’ve had people throw the past at me, but that comes with the territory. It hasn’t been easy, definitely had its challenges. You may not be able to change the past but you certainly are in charge of your future!

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