The Don’t Doer

Excuses sound best to those who make them. On a recent trip to GNC purchase protein had very interesting conversation with a clerk. When informing him I was looking for protein picked my usual choice MHP Up Your Mass. He reminded me it’s defiantly just more than protein its mass gainer. I chuckled explained  just adding it to the diet for when I’m out & about running errands,rather than consume McDonalds. He inquired about my success with it, went on tell him I’ve been using it for years whenever I wanted to bulk. He also explained to me he was trying put on weight, pointed at at big  5 gallon bucket of protein. I asked how many calories does add to his diet, the response was he’s too busy to do all that.

As all this was happening couldn’t help but think that bucket is cheap for  gallons of protein the quality of it must be crappy. Here’s person with a goal to increase size but going about it terrible manner. The excuse was he’s too busy! When people ask me how get bigger, I tell them its same as losing weight, you must diet! Diet just doesn’t mean watching what you eat, means keeping track of how many calories your consuming. Back in day used marble book, look at every label write down calories then multiple servings. Pain in the ass! Fortunately with technology easier to do now, I use my cell phone, for Android users I prefer Samsung health app. It’s simple to use, really the best one I have used from other apps. What makes it easy the fact I just type in the foods that I routinely eat, save it as a favorite, just tap and done.

Are you a doer or a donter. When it comes to achieving whatever fitness goal you have for yourself, I’m going inform you of my 3D rule. If you follow this hopefully it’ll help you in your path of success.

BE 3-D


Most of everyone has this, motivated, ready make changes to achieve goals.


Beyond consuming healthy calorie count find an app that works for you. Keep it simple: Cals,Carbs,Fat,Protein.


Make a routine for yourself . Meal prep so you have no excuse to break your diet and keep falling off the wagon. ~This is most important.

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