Behind The Origin

Our mission with The Average is to take aim at the every day Joe and Jane. This idea was brought about to me after thumbing through dozens of magazine’s and clicking hundreds of pop up articles just to always read things not relevant to us, the average American and to be bombarded with ads items we can’t afford or would use in everyday life.

So we decided to take leisure reading into our own hands and write about things that we enjoy and that are relevant to most of the American population , not just 1%celebrities and millionaires. So here at The Average,we will talk about events, styles, news, jobs, life, you name it for the everyday man and woman. Our goal is to encourage and empower the average American to remind all those who stop by and read our articles that we are not all a a Kardashian. We can not all afford a $12,000 watch. That the majority of us are what our culture deemed “average” and that’s okay. “We are the majority, We are The Average.”

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