Money Matters Part 2

Management of your funds. We all have our banking app that allows us to monitor our account activities, check balances and etc. Is that enough? With all that at stroke of key how is possible that we still overdraft? The answer is no, its not enough. Technology is great but still hasn’t quite caught up yet.  If your like the average Joe or Jane every dollar counts so let’s make the most out it.

Pay attention to your account. If you make purchases over the weekend they will usually say pending won’t clear till Monday. Most banking institutions will reorder your purchases, not in the order that you paid. This is big cause for overdrafts has been debated about for long time still trying change the rules on that. Gas, unless you pay debit usually takes at least couple days for the funds to debited out of the account, so until it does it’ll only charge you a dollar. Rather than wait I prefer to pay with cash and sometimes its cheaper. Bills: car insurance,car payments,credit card  and etc. do not reflect right away either. Take the time go online setup online bill pay through your banking institution. Atms are dangerous. The convenience fee you pay for not using your banks atm adds up and even if it’s no fee atm, your bank will still charge you. All those little fees start to add up, avoid it, try go your bank budget how much cash you need for the week.

How to truly be in control your account. Have a checkbook, blow the dust off and pull it out. If your totally about online, go your bank ask for register they’ll give you one for free. Remember checking your balance online doesn’t always reflect your purchases, not giving you the real balance! By following some of these tips will make you more aware and financially secure .


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